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Colors are so bright and vivid. Love the blue birds!


Just For Fun Flags has great selection and service.

Boxwood Plaid House Flag

The 33" windsock is perfect for the location of my windsock pole. Clears nearby bushes and shrubs beautifully. Much better than the ones I've had before. Thank you.

Perfect as always!

Perfect hopeful sentiments for spring. Excellent shipping,

Cutest Spinner Ever

This is my second puppy spinner. The first lasted many years, but when the bicycle spokes finally shredded, we both wanted another one.

Bluebird Salute House Flag

Absolutely positively impressive looking flag with exquisite design and color....in short...I love it! 😊

Red, White and Blue

This garden flags well made. It adds and cetouch of color to my garden. The fact that it is patriotic makes it that much more special

Love it and I may buy two more!

Welcome Spring Tulips Applique Garden Flag

Welcome Spring Tulips Applique Garden Flag

I think it is a very pretty flag and matches my wreath perfectly

Summer Fun

I made a wreath for my front door using child size flip flops and sun glasses. The flip flop flag was even better in person and what a find! Who would have ever though? Your flags are always first class and exceptional quality. Fran B.

Bunny Garden Charm

Love my pineapple

Love my pineapple. It is so appropriate for our Florida home. It is so different than the normal balloon spinner. I love looking out the window and see it moving in the wind.

Loved it. Everything I've ordered had been wonderful.


So cute. My daughter-in-law loved it. Very well made and the colors were bright .

Wind stoppers

I was very excited to find something that keeps the flag on the pole during very windy days. Too many times I had to search for my flag because it came off completely on a high wind day.

I love spinners and windsocks

Bad weather can not put it out all of the time. But i love it and soon it will be
out almost all of the time

Watering Can Theme Twister

It is so cute but I have not put it out yet, we have been having really bad
weather and I don't want it to get destroyed.

Welcome Spring Tulips Applique Garden Flag

Very bright and colorful!

Sunflower Windsock

Sunflower Windsock

Scroll Garden Size Flag Stand

Love the windsocks!

Love the windsocks

I love all my flags! They make my yard look great!