Care Instructions

Flag & Windsock Care Instructions

  • Hang your flag or windsock away from any surface. Hitting against a house, tree, bush, etc. could breakdown the fabric’s fibers resulting in a tear or fraying.
  • Sun and harsh weather conditions can have a negative affect on any material. To keep your flag or windsock colors looking bright, try to minimize prolonged exposure whenever possible. Place your products in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of sun or switch them out often. Take all flags and windsocks down in storms or high winds.
  • A clean flag and windsock will last longer. Pollutants in the air will get into the fabric and cause it to degrade. To clean, wash it in a mild detergent, rinse and hang dry. Never fold or store your flag or windsock when it’s wet. Let it hang dry completely before putting it away.
  • Our Windsocks are not commercial grade and are not meant to be hung on larger vertical poles exceeding 10 ft. where they will take on higher winds than normal.