Funny Dog Flags


Dogs come in many different shapes, sizes and colors but one thing they all have in common is their ability and happiness of acting funny sometimes! Some owners dress their dog. Some dogs can surf! You'll laugh at the funny dog flags JustForFunFlags has to offer. Please keep reading to find out more about some of these flags.

Poles seen on flags are sold separately.

The first eight flags in this article are from the America Forever brand. One of the best things of this brand is they are double sided. This means both sides of the flag is printed and any text will read correctly on either side. This gives you more options of where to hang their flags. See photo above for more qualities of America Forever brand.


Believe it or not, but there are real dogs who can surf in the water like the dog on the Surfing Dog flag seen above. A bulldog wearing sunglasses and a halter collar rides a surfboard in pretty blue water. He looks happy, doesn't he? House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE. 


People go on vacations. Dogs like vacations too! Look at the little dogs on the Doggie Vacation flag above. A Jack Russell Terrier and a Silky Terrier are packed and dressed for their summer vacation. The Jack Russell has yellow sunglasses and a red and white striped tie on. The cute Silky Terrier has a colorful flower lei around her neck and sunglasses on. They are sitting on an exotic beach with blue water. Message along the top reads Hello Summer. House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


What do dogs do in water? The dog paddle! Looks like the dog on the Dog Paddle Winner flag above won a swim race. An American flag is draped around him. He has a straw hat on. He sits on a sandy beach with blue water behind him. A dolphin can be seen in the distance leaping out of the water. Beside the dog is a life preserver sits on flip flops and is propped against a palm tree.  A wooden sign along the top reads Welcome. House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


Look at the stylish dressed dogs on the Dog Models flag above. Along the bottom sits a Pug with a patriotic kerchief around his neck. Next is Beagle dressed in a red and white tie. On the other end is a Bull Terrier sporting a big green bow tie. Behind them are 2 more dogs. The dogs are on a farm with a red barn and a wooden fence. The message in top portion of this flag reads Life Is Better With Dogs. House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


The dog on the It Adds Up To No Cat! flag above has done the math for his owners about getting a cat and as the name of the flag says-- It adds up to no cat! He sits in front of a chalkboard that displays his message I did the math, we can't afford the cat. House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


Dogs can be friends with animals other than their own species of dog. An example is the Burnese Mountain Dog on the Funny Farm Friends flag above. His friends are a horse, cow and pig. They are enjoying a fun day on a farm with a pasture of green grass and blue sky above. House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE. 


Two dog pals enjoy the simple fun of catching snowflakes on their tongues on the Catching Snowflakes flag above. A black and white dog has his arm around a brown and white dog. Both with tongues out and sitting outside on a cold snowy day.  House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


The goofy looking dog on the Can We Go To The Dog Park? flag above is so excited to be at the entrance to the dog park. He wears a red collar with a dog tag on it.  A sign in background reads Dog Park. House size info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


It's the dog days of summer! Four groovy styled dogs enjoy a day at the beach sitting on a blue beach towel on the Dogs In The Beach flag above. This flag is from the Custom Decor brand.  Each dog has colorful attire on for a day of sun and fun!  But then they notice the message on the lifeguard tower that reads No Dogs On Beach. Maybe that's why they set up their belongings farther away than the people on the beach. House size info info is HERE and garden size info is HERE.


All farms probably have a dog on them but rare are dogs riding the tractor on the farm like the working dog on the Tractor Dog flag above. He sits on a big red tractor in a snow covered field with sheep roaming around. It's a winter scene with a big farmhouse in the background. This flag is from the Toland Home brand. House size info is HERE 

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I've had funny dogs of my own but the photo below was my brother's dog Cocoa. Funny!