Dogs Of Summer Flags


You've probably heard the phrase "dog days of summer." It describes the hot humid days of summer. Most of the United States are experiencing the "dog days of summer" right now! Why not have some fun during these hot and humid days? Get a cute or funny dogs of summer flag from America Forever brand. Please continue reading to see some of these summer flags.

All Forever flags are double sided. Any text can be read correctly on both sides. Accessories, such as poles seen in photos, are sold separately.


The Beach Puppies flag above is what the "dog days of summer" are about. Ha ha!  Four cute puppy buddies enjoy a day of fun at the beach. They're sitting on sand surrounded by toys. A blue ocean is in the background. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE.


A loyal German Shepherd is sitting outside on a sunny day among pink flowers on the German Shepherd flag above.  wooden gate is in the background with an American flag. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE.


Aww.... look at the sweet little dog on the French Bull dog flag above.  A small black and white French Bull dog sits on a cement step in a flower garden on a bright summer day. Butterflies flutter around him. Those ears hear every little sound. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE. 


Do you want help with planting flowers? The muscular dog on the Rottweiler flag above is capable of helping. A black and brown Rottweiler sits ready to carry a watering can for his gardening master. He sits in a flower garden inside a white picket fence. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE.


Another helper in the flower garden is the happy Boxer on the Boxer flag above. A brown, white chested Boxer has a big smile indicating he's ready to help his master on a hot summer day. He stands near a watering can in a garden of many blooming flowers. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE. 


Having a picnic is more enjoyable when sharing with a friend, especially when that friend is a dog like on the Standard Poodle flag above. A well behaved white Standard Poodle lays on a pink striped cloth in an outside area with trees, pink flowers and green grass. His master's food and drink are on a cloth beside him. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE


The dog above in the Sit. Stay. Good Boy! flag above waits patiently for his owner to praise him for being a good boy. A black and white Great  Dane sits on a park bench surrounded by pink flowers and a wrought iron fence in the background. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE.




 The dog above in the Farmer Retriever flag has a big smile while sitting among colorful flowers at his farm. The Golden Retriever wears coveralls. In the background are farm buildings.  House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE.



The dog on the Border Collie flag above is taking a break from the summer heat by drinking water from a water pail. A black and white Border Collie sits among light orange and purple flowers. He looks happy to have the pail of cold water on the hot summer day. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE



The dog above on the Country Collie flag is making his rounds on his farm making sure all is well. A brown and white long haired collie or Rough Collie is happily walking down a dirt path on a farm. A red barn is behind him and a blue sky above. House size is HERE. Garden size is HERE


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Enjoy the "dog days of summer" with a new Dogs of Summer flag!